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The ending of a marriage is a difficult time for all involved and is often particularly stressful for families with children, whether or not the separation is amicable.

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In some cases, it may be possible to seek an annulment, rather than going through the long and often stressful process of divorce.

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Many family law disputes have a domestic violence component or threats of domestic violence. It may occur either within a marriage relationship, domestic partnership, or other non-marital relationships.

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One of the more complex aspects in the divorce process is the division of assets accrued throughout your marriage, particularly if it is a high-asset case, or where businesses or stock is involved.

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In any separation involving children, they are often the most adversely-affected by proceedings, especially if there is ongoing animosity between their parents.

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Child support is ordered to ensure that the child’s welfare and standard of living is not adversely affected by their parents’ divorce. In California, there is a uniform set of guidelines that typically determine the amount of child support and temporary spousal support due.

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Prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements

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Temporary spousal support is determined by a similar algorithm and inputs used to determine child support. Permanent spousal support has different factors which determine the amount and cap at the marital standard of living.

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Mediation is an informal process to assist parties in resolving their divorce outside of court. 


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One potential base component of a comprehensive Estate Plan is a revocable trust, also called a living trust,

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Your Last Will and Testament is a part of your estate plan and outlines your wishes as to the distribution of your personal property assets at the time of your death.

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An Advanced Health Care Directive, or AHCD, allows you to determine the medical care you may receive if you are no longer able to make such decisions for yourself. Your designated agent will follow your direction (if known) regarding your medical care should you be incapable of providing informed consent.

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This is perhaps the most important of the four main estate planning devices. An appointed agent acts as you (when you cannot) to make various decisions, enter agreements and direct investments and money.

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Silicon Valley Law Offices

Established in 2012, The hallmark of Silicon Valley Law Offices, P.C. is to provide highly competent legal representation combined with an outstanding personal service and value for our clients. Silicon Valley Law Offices, P.C. (SVLO) has become the Bay Area’s preeminent family law firm, serving clients in Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda and the surrounding Bay Area counties.


SVLO’s legal representation is presented to our clients through a select team of professionals. Our attorneys have decades of experience handling cases that involve family law issues, including: Child custody, child support and spousal support; high-asset property division (using family law forensic accountants); business and real property valuation; as well as a dedicated experienced team to help our clients faced with Domestic Violence Restraining Orders issues.


Our primary office is located in Mountain View, California at: 465 N. Whisman Rd. Suite 100, in the Vineyards office park, nestled between worldwide headquarters for Google and Symantec.  SVLO also has a second office in Los Gatos, California, which is available for client meetings by appointment, for: Mediation services, Premarital Agreements or Estate Planning (revocable trust, will, advanced health care directive and durable power of attorney).

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Why Choose SVLO?

The Bay Area is unique, the people, property values, businesses… Silicon Valley Law Offices works well with the particular needs of our clients and understands how critical it is for them to choose the “right attorney.” The “right attorney” could mean someone who understands our client’s culture (as we do!); it also could mean choosing an attorney who is highly skilled at finding money, or with matters involving custody, requests to move-away, or child/spousal support. The issues presented in most family law cases are many, all of them important, and SVLO makes our client’s decision-making process a bit easier by providing our clients with our team approach to attorney representation – that is where the client pays for one attorney, but may receive counsel from several attorneys with expertise in the particular issues of their case.


This difference adds tremendous value for our clients; a difference that’s noticed from the onset and carried on throughout the case. Whether you are seeking divorce or mediation, premarital or post-marital agreements, or faced with a spousal or child support matter or settling issues involving child custody, our team of experienced attorneys will work together to help you achieve your objectives and reach the most favorable outcome possible.

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About Us

SVLO has built the reputation as having an elite team of experienced family law attorneys with a variety of legal, business and financial backgrounds, who work as a team, with each member contributing their own strengths to every case we manage and providing resources that enable us to give each client and case the attention and expertise their particular case deserves.


All of SVLO’s attorneys have an impressive level of experience in family law, as well as unique professional backgrounds working in business and finance; or speaking languages which include: English, Spanish, French and Arabic. Each attorney’s area of expertise is different, so if our client’s case would benefit from another team member’s background, the firm’s collective knowledge and experience is available and immediately put to work.


We are truly passionate about helping our clients protect what matters most.

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