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In any separation involving children, they are often the most adversely-affected by proceedings, especially if there is ongoing animosity between their parents. Protracted custody battles can do quite a bit of damage in the long run, which is why we at SVLO are ready and willing to do everything in our power to make these transitions as smooth as possible for both client and child(ren). On occasion a custody battle is unavoidable, but we have the experience and the resources necessary to focus primarily on the wellbeing of the child, and we will do our best to eliminate the need for them to choose one parent over the other.


Most cases of Child Custody result in joint legal and physical custody of the child. Joint legal custody means that both parents have a say in decisions affecting the child, such as schooling or medical needs, and it ensures both parents retain legal guardian status over their child. Joint physical custody refers to the child spending an equal amount of time at each parents’ residence, often splitting weekends and holidays on a schedule worked out during the custody proceedings.


Of course, fully equal custody is not always possible in these cases, and if it comes to a battle in court, we will represent our client and their child’s interests to the best of our ability. We will endeavor to ensure our client retains custodial rights and is not cheated out of a life with their child.

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