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Two of our attorneys have approximately 20 years of experience working as child-support attorneys for the Court, before bringing their extensive experience to SVLO. These attorneys helped shape the programs and processes used by the Court’s Department of Child Support Services, and know it better than most (so well, in fact, that the court would often looks to them for guidance or case law on child support matters).


Child support is ordered to ensure that the child’s welfare and standard of living is not adversely affected by their parents’ divorce. In California, there is a uniform set of guidelines that typically determine the amount of child support and temporary spousal support due. A computer program will take into account each party’s income, how much time each parent spends with the child, the cost of the child’s medical, dental, or vision coverage, education expenses and other childcare costs, as well as various other inputs which affect the amount payable.


In the event that child support obligations have not been met, or modifications to existing child support payments are requested, SVLO is expertly equipped to help our clients assess their financial position and needs and proceed accordingly, whether our client is the support recipient or payor. We understand that our client’s children are of the utmost importance in these cases, and our legal strategies will reflect the same.

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