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Evelyn M. Rodriguez

Evelyn M. Rodriguez

Born and raised in Venezuela, Evelyn M. Rodriguez developed vast international experience as a corporate and business attorney through her work in Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, France, and Switzerland. Throughout her international career, Ms. Rodriguez has been a longstanding adviser to several nonprofit organizations which support emerging Latin-American artists and abandoned youth. Perhaps most inspiring has been her philanthropic work advising Fundación Together de Venezuela, which promotes and disseminates models for the assistance (and prevention) of abandoned children.


Ms. Rodriguez’s experience working with nonprofits fueled her decision to become a sole practitioner with a focus in family law, which then led her to join Silicon Valley Law Offices, P.C. Over the years, Ms. Rodriguez has helped hundreds of families safely navigate what was likely one of the most difficult periods in their lives.


Her practice in California has been focused in the Bay Area, particularly the counties of Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Monterey. Ms. Rodriguez enjoys working with clients and providing high quality legal representation to help them through the difficult process which lead them to retain SVLO. She maintains a focus on preparation and offers a personal touch, which allows her to draw on her extensive legal background while helping to provide the best client service possible, regardless of their situation.


In particular, the cumulation of Ms. Rodriguez’s experience with international, business, immigration, and family law, allows her unique insights into a variety of elements affecting family law cases. She is able to provide a holistic legal experience to her clients, giving them a comforting level of guidance through what is typically an unfamiliar and even frightening setting.

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